Company NameMostostal Pomorze S.A.
Company statutePublic Limited Company
ResidenceRepublic of Poland
Address Marynarki Polskiej 59 Street, 80-557 Gdańsk
Date of registration in the National Court 24.10.2001
Registration number (KRS) 0000055123
Statistical Buisness Number (Regon)191672257
Tax Identification Number (NIP) 5832565637
Court of Registration District Court Gdańsk-North, VII Commercial Division of the National Court Register
Share capitalPLN 5,700,000.00 fully paid

Company management

Arkadiusz Aszyk

Arkadiusz Aszyk

Chief Executive Officer


Ph. D. in Economics – University of Gdańsk, Faculty of Business Administration


1997 – 2005: Stocznia Gdynia SA – various posts from Financial Specialist to CEO Advisor
2005: Community of European Shipyards Associations – Policy Advisor
2006 – 2008: Stocznia Gdynia SA – Member of the Board
2008 – 2012: Stocznia Gdańsk SA – Member of the Board
2012:   Remontowa Shipbuilding SA – Member of the Board
2013 – 2017: Remontowa Holding SA – Member of the Board, Executive Managing Director

Career in Mostostal Pomorze SA:
X. 2017 – XII. 2017: Executive Managing Director
2018 – present: Chief Executive Officer

Ewa Iwaniuk-Niecikowska

Ewa Iwaniuk-Niecikowska

Member of the Board


Master of Science – Gdańsk University of Technology


2004 – 2005: ZUS – Faculty Fixing seed in Gdynia – Senior Clerk
2005 – 2009: REWIT – Assistant of Statutory Auditor; Junior Manager; Team Manager; Head Manager of Audit Department
2009 – 2012: Mostostal Pomorze SA – Head Accountant
2012: Mostostal Pomorze SA – Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Career in Mostostal Pomorze SA:

2009 – 2012: Chief Accountant
2012 – present: Member of the Board, CFO and Head Accountant

Company history

The company started its operations on the 1st of January 1999 as an independent business entity, created out of the organizational structures of Mostostal Gdańsk SA. It functioned under the name ‘MG Pomorze SA’ and implemented primary contracts for the petrochemical industry. Key customers were then: PERN Przyjaźń Płock, Gdańsk Refinery, Petrochemicals in Płock and Norwegian contractors, among which were Kvaerner Oil & Gas. Orders were related primarily to the construction and installation of pipelines and fabrication of large-size components for oil rigs.

In 2003, the MG Pomorze SA took over a large part of the crew and the premises (mainly including project managers, inspectors, quality control, technical office of the department of steel construction) and embarked on offshore contracts within its own operations.

In 2005, the entire capital of the company was sold to private investors. In the same year the company changed its name to Mostostal Pomorze S.A.

Main building MPG

There are offices in the main site of the building, while the other one is fabrication of steel structures – PKS1.

Prefabrication workshop PKS1

The photo shows the nave IV. and V.
These are the main production halls of heavy structures

Technology Office

Technology and Production Preparation Department, venue of the workshop documentation preparation

On the 2nd of January 2008 the company became a member of the Capital Group of PolAqua.
In 2014, the whole production of Mostostal Pomorze SA was defined by offshore constructions.
All of the shares of Mostostal Pomorze SA has belonged to PolAqua Sp. z o.o. since January 2015.

The company put the emphasis on cooperation with companies which it was associated with from the beginning of the operation (often occurring under changed names) while increasing the involvement of the broader offshore market (e.g. the elements of wind power platforms for Bladt Industries AS). In addition, Mostostal Pomorze SA undertakes the construction that requires special machining (e.g. Machine components for Sandvik Mining Construction Materials Handling GmbH & Co. KG), as well as the construction of RTG cranes for moving containers, in all kinds of container bases.

Building PKS2

Inside is a hall fabrication of aluminium structures. Office containers are arranged around the square, there is also terrain suitable for loading construction

Hall workshop PKS2

The fully equipped, completely covered production hall with a total area of 2160m2, suitable for the production of steel and aluminium structures

Storage square of materials PKS1

External storage square steel materials intended for use in production. Stainless steel and aluminium are stored separately

Capital Group

The Capital Group of Mostostal Pomorze SA is PolAqua. The company became part of this Group on the 2nd of January 2008. Since January 2015 – 100% of shares have belonged to PolAqua.
PolAqua is active in the building trade in different areas: engineering, general building, environmentally friendly building, road works and transmission pipelines.
The principal owner of PolAqua is Dragados SA, which directly holds a 100% share of PolAqua Ltd., which is 100% of the total number of votes at the AGM.
Dragados SA, is a Spanish company that belongs to one of the world’s largest construction groups ACS (Actividades de Construccion y Servicios).

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