Aluminium structures


Our services:

purchase of materials
preparation of shop drawings
quality control
NDT(Non-Destructive Testing)
loading and sea fastening operation

What we do:

assembly of cable tracks

Permissions acc. to PN-EN ISO 4063:2011:

111 – Shielded metal arc welding
121 – Submerged arc welding
131 – MIG – Gas metal arc welding
135 – MAG – Metal-active gas welding
136 – MAG Flux cored arc welding
138 – MAG welding wire with powder metallic core
141 – TIG welding with solid -wire or -rod and inert gas
142 – Tungsten Inert Gas (arc) welding without filler material


welding equipment FastMig Pulse 450
beveling machines for sheet metal and profiles (with stainless steel guides)
angle grinders BOSH
burners PERUN
saw cutting electrical machines
power planers

Qualified personnel in the aluminum:

welders with a valid permissions on the 131 and 141 method – pipe welding in position H-L045 and sheets in the position of PC, PE, PF acc. ISO 9606-2 (it is possible to increase the qualifications and number of eligible persons)
qualified staff responsible for Factory Production Control
qualified staff responsible for supervising welding according to PN-EN ISO 14731:2008
supervisor of the execution of the welding process executes the qualified personnel with IWE (International Welding Engineer), IWI (International Welding Inspector) and IWS (International Welding Specialist)

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