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Gas – plasma cutting of plates

Plasma & Oxygen CNC Cutting Machine ESAB
Cutting area:
the maximum dimension of cutted plate: 3250mm x 12000mm
thickness plasma cutting: from 1mm to 25mm
thickness gas cutting: from 5mm to 120mm

VXspeed HQ, CNC – Cutter oxygen – plasma with 3D head 
Cutting area:
width of cut: 3000mm
the maximum working length: 13000mm
the maximum speed : 45 m / min
permissible table load: 1600 kg / m2
the maximum height / thickness of cut material: 200mm
the maximum of cutting  thickness: 200mm
movement speed up / down torch: 330 mm/s

Cutting of profiles:

Oxygen CNC Cutting profiles Machine Kranendonk:
Cutting area:
the minimum length before cutting: 2000mm
the maximum length before cutting:12000mm
the minimum length after cutting: 1000mm
the maximum length after cutting: 12000mm
the minimum profile width lying on rolls: 12mm
the maximum profile width lying on rolls 550mm
the minimum profile width: 80mm
the maximum profile width: 900mm

Pipe cutting

VXspeed HQ, CNC – Cutter oxygen – plasma with 3D head :
Cutting area:
the minimum diameter of the pipe: fi 100mm
the maximum diameter of the pipe: fi 900mm
the minimum length of the pipe: 650mm
the maximum length of the pipe: 13000mm
the minimum thickness of the pipe: 40mm
the maximum weight of the pipe: 10000kg

Welding services (steel, aluminium)



 Lifting services with cranes

Crane Liebherr LTM 1130-5.1 – lifting capacity 130 tons
Crane Liebherr LTM 1070-4.1 – lifting capacity 70 tons
Crane Liebherr LTM 1040-2.1 – lifting capacity 40 tons



The PWHT process is carried out by experienced operators, who have a qualification certificate issued by the UDT, using resistance insulators: WO 706BR and WO 406BR.
These are 6-channel devices, intended for heat treatment of welding seams according to the set temperature-time characteristics in the temperature range up to 1000˚C, controlled using NiCr-NiAl thermocouples.

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